First off— Do you know what the difference is between health insurance and a health plan? There's a fundamental difference, and if you're not totally aware of it, read this

So, being aware of that difference, you know that there's an incentive for insurance companies to not have their subscribers utilize their benefits. It's like car insurance— You're not really incentivized to use it; i.e. you don't really want to get into an accident and have to utilize your car insurance benefits. 

Same with health insurance— You don't really want to get sick: But it does happen. When it does, and you come in for a "sick visit," you have to pay a co-pay (your financial responsibility as a subscriber). 

But— When you go in for an annual physical, or if you go in to see the doc for shots or something preventative: Now, that's a different story. That helps insurance companies. That helps them because that helps you stay healthy for a longer period— i.e. you won't have to "cash in" (utilize) those health insurance benefits (i.e. sick visits / visits to the doctor for when you present with a clinical symptom). 

So, the insurance companies are trying to incentivize you to make use of preventative medicine, but American Healthcare is so convoluted that the value of that "no co-pay for preventative benefits" thing gets lost in all of it. 

Hey, we're here to help and help wade through the convoluted maze that is American Healthcare. Want to chat more about about it? Send us a msg. We're here to help!